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Earl Sterndale

C of E Primary School

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff and governors at our school.

Meet the Staff


We don’t have many staff at our school but we all work hard to make sure the children receive the best possible education.



Picture 1 Mr Holden is the head teacher and Class 2 teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Gill is our Class 1 teacher
Picture 3 Mrs Clayton is our Class 1 teacher
Picture 4 Mrs Plevey is our Class 2 teacher
Picture 5 Miss Cartwright is a teaching assistant
Picture 6 Mr De Pledge is a teaching assistant
Picture 7 Mrs Critchlow is a teaching assistant
Picture 8 Mrs O'Neill is our music and dance teacher
Picture 9 Mrs O'Connor is a volunteer
Picture 10 Mrs Hoffman is a volunteer
Picture 11 Mrs Hicks is the school secretary
Picture 12 Janie is our cook

Meet the Governors

Picture 1 Chris Howarth is our Acting Chair of Governors
Picture 2 Elizabeth Cook-Elsom - Parent Governor (T&L)
Picture 3 Paul Swindell - Parent Governor (Premises, H&S)
Picture 4 Fred Ranczuch - Parent Governor (Premises, H&S)
Picture 5 Jenny Mellor - Foundation Governor (F&P)
Picture 6 Angela Campeau - Foundation Governor (T&L)
Picture 7 Susan Shirley - Teaching & Learning Governor
Picture 8 Mrs Gill - Staff Governor (T&L)
Picture 9 Mrs Hicks - Finance Governor (F&P)
Picture 10 Phil Smith - Clerk to the Governors

Full list of Governors and their responsibilities: