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Earl Sterndale

C of E Primary School

Visions and Values

Our school’s ethos and values can be summed in our ‘school vision’ which we devised to ensure our children receive the best educational opportunities while they are at our school. The ‘vision’ encapsulates what we would like our school to be. By working towards making this vision a reality, we hope to prepare children with all the abilities and skills they need to become adults who are thoughtful, confident, healthy, responsible, conscientious, caring members of society who make a positive contribution to the community in which they live.


Our five main vision aims are:

1.  To create a learning environment that is at once happy and relaxed, yet hard-working and focused.


By creating a calm, safe, secure, relaxed and above all happy learning environment, children can feel confident about learning in a way that is accessible and inclusive, but also challenging. By valuing the contributions children make, we shall create learners who are successful in all they do. We aim for a culture of learning where being successful in all areas of school life is celebrated and fundamental to our existence.


2.  To plan and prepare learning experiences for our children that are meaningful, challenging and inclusive.


Teaching needs to be informed by careful assessment and analysis of the work the children do. This in turn allows a progression of targets and clearly understood expectations. In a small school like ours we can afford to assess each child’s needs individually and be very specific about targeting. This aids their learning by making them feel challenged but not threatened.


3.  To involve all the school’s stakeholders.


A successful school is one that will involve all the people who are affected by it directly – children, staff, governors, parents, the church, the community the school serves, local industry, the Local Authority and other relevant agencies. In order for that success to be achieved there must be a co-operative partnership between the school and all these stakeholders.


4.  To encourage the children to be healthy, active and safe.


Our school should be conscious of its obligations to encourage the children to lead healthy, active, safe lifestyles. This should not simply be about having an affect on the children while they are in our school, but should be about making them into lifelong participants in an active, healthy, safe lifestyle.


5.  To promote a small school, family ethos, grounded in Christian values.


Our school is constantly trying to instil in our children the values of Christianity – tolerance, reconciliation, patience, a love and respect for the world and community around us and a feeling of peace and belonging.