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Modern Foreign Languages - Key Stage 2

Learning a foreign language can help to widen a child’s horizons and foster an interest in other places and cultures. Our children will have the opportunity to learn a range of Modern Foreign Languages during Key Stage 2 including French, Italian, Chinese, Spanish and Japanese laying the foundations for further MFL learning in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

The pupils will have the opportunity to:

  • Listen to, join in and respond to the spoken word;
  • Explore patterns and sounds of a foreign language;
  • Engage in conversations, ask and answer questions and express opinions;
  • Speak in full sentences;
  • Develop pronunciation and accent skills;
  • Read and write a range of words and phrases;
  • Listen to rhymes and stories in other languages;
  • Expand their vocabulary through independent research;
  • Learn words and phrases;
  • Understand basic grammar;
  • Investigate languages that use a different alphabet or way of scribing e.g. Chinese and Japanese.