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Mathematics - Infant Class


Years 1 and 2 follow the White Rose Hub (WRH) plans to deliver the maths curriculum. See Maths Overviews below for more detail.


Formative assessment is ongoing and ensures that the lessons planned are appropriate to teach the next steps in learning. Teachers are skilled in assessing progress through the lesson by means of observation and questioning and by viewing independent work.

Interim assessments check if the children have understood a unit of teaching.  This can be through the assessment of specific targets.

Summative assessments are carried out termly to check how much content has been understood and where the gaps are for individuals.  The progress of individuals is tracked over time which allows the school to implement interventions for individuals or groups.  We use Y1 and Y2 White Rose Maths assessments.


Teachers use questioning techniques and a variety of problem-solving activities to deepen understanding.  Practical equipment, such as dienes/ base 10, place value counters, number squares, number beads & cuisenaire are used to demonstrate concepts and support visual learners.  Drawing models such as bar models, whole/ part models, number lines and place value charts, also help to reinforce understanding.  Differentiation to match all abilities is achieved through the amount of support given, the equipment used, and the variety of questions and challenges given.