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Earl Sterndale

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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


We would usually be up to lots of exciting things in school right now .......but check out the latest news section to see what everybody has been up to at home! 

You can download some of the homework set below.

We're missing you all and hope to see you soon xxx

Design and Technology project 2: To design an animated mini movie!

Tom first created a storyboard then we used an app called Stop Motion Studio to create this:




Shape crazy.....

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Design and Technology project

Use 1 piece of A4 paper to design a boat to carry as much weight as possible. No extras! You are allowed 3 attempts to improve your design. What will you use to measure the weight it can hold? (make sure to use the same method for each attempt!)

Your attempt is over when the boat sinks! We used money as weight. What is the problem with this method?

Send in your photos of your best boats! You can always challenge your parents!


Still image for this video

Art project


This video from one of our talented Y6 pupils gave me the idea for this weeks Art project. 'Life in lockdown'. Can you make your own video of what life in lockdown means for you?


Still image for this video

Science Homework Week 12

Please check your classwork page on Education City!

Science homework week 11 6th July

Go to Education City as usual and click on week 11 in classwork. Then follow Twinkl link below and put passcode in:

Year 3+4 passcode = QN1490

Year 5+6 passcode = ZC9325

Science Homework week 9

Please check your classwork page on Education City


Science week 8 - 15th June

This week's homework is on Education City,  you can also have a try at some of these games and activities on Twinkl. 

Click on the link and enter pin code: PN5132


Science Week 7 8th June

 Homework is once again on Education City!

Here are a few fun games and videos about plants, animals and habitats to have a try!

Clink on the link below and when prompted put in these pin codes:




Science week 6 1st June (For those of you who were super keen and did this last week, i've added a couple of games on the end)

This week we are continuing to look at different plants and animals and how we can classify them according to their characteristics.

Once again go to Education City - Classwork and you will see your assigned lessons. When you reach the activity sheet you can either print it out or complete it on paper.

Year 3/4 then choose a reptile which you think is interesting/unusual/no one else will choose!

Year 5/6 an amphibian

Find out 10 facts (or more if you like!)

Write them in bullet points (or get someone to write them for you) and take a video of you presenting them. if you have pictures even better!


Science Homework week 5

This week your science work is on Education City. Log in and click through to classwork. Science h.w week 5 tab should be there. Years 3/4 are looking at classifying living things whilst Years 5/6 are looking at life cycles. You can only move on to the next section when the previous one is completed, and i am sent alerts when each of you have completed all the work set! The work sheet can be printed out if you choose or just as easily completed on a separate piece of paper. If anyone has any difficulty logging in please get in touch asap.

Science Homework week 4

This week we are looking at animals and their habitats. Watch the video and complete the worksheets in your homepack.

Year 3/4

ECOSYSTEM - The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Videos For Kids | Peekaboo Kidz

Hey kids! Do you know what is an Ecosystem? Did you know every nook and cranny of the world could be its own system! Well, watch this video to find out what ...

Complete the habitats sheets then head outside to see what you can find. Try this on two different days preferably with different weather and see if it makes any difference to what you find. Remember to always put back logs etc so the creatures you discover don't need to move house afterwards!
Year 5/6

Science Teaching - The Ultimate Guide to Constructing a Dichotomous Key - ACSSU111 / VCSSU091

How to construct a dichotomous key! This video has been created as a fun and engaging way to introduce to explain and construct both written and visual repre...

Using the keys identify the starfish and crabs in your work pack. Next make your own key to identify the rocky seashore creatures. Use the tick sheet first to help you. Can you make a key to identify all your family members? (remember you can only use physical features, your brother may be bossy or smelly but we can't see that!)

Science Homework week 3

Take a look at the powerpoint and download the pdf. worksheets. See if you can edit it and send back to me!





Science Homework week 2

This week we are continuing to find out about famous scientists.

Year 3/4



Still image for this video
Watch this short powerpoint and then have a go at the activities.
Year 5/6

                  Science week 1            

This weeks science project is to find out about a scientist or inventor of your choice. It can be from any point in history right up to present day. 

You can make it into a powerpoint or poster, or even a comic strip of their story.  Take a photo, send it to me and I will put it below.

Here are some ideas and resources to get you started, have a go at the crossword and wordsearch too. If you are a year 3 or 4 go to section 1. If you're a year 5/6 go to section 2 (or look at both if you like!):


Here's some websites you can try out at home: