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Earl Sterndale

C of E Primary School

Charging and Remissions Policy



The 1988 Education Reform Act maintains the right to free education. It establishes that activities offered mainly or wholly during school hours should be available to all pupils regardless of their parents’ ability to help meet the cost. Act gives the school the discretion to charge for voluntary activities provided wholly or mainly out of school hours.


Charges will be made, or voluntary contributions sought, as follows:


Visits During the School Day (arranged by the school)


No charge may be made by the school for an educational visit taking place wholly or mainly during the school day. Voluntary contributions will be sought from parents, and the visit may not take place if parents are reluctant to support it. This includes visits to the school by travelling theatre groups, etc.


Activities held wholly or mainly outside school hours


An activity held wholly or mainly outside school hours (e.g. Sports clubs, Arts and Crafts club) is regarded as an optional extra. Parents may be able to opt their children in. All parents will normally have to meet the full cost of the activity.


Activities arranged by a third party (e.g. Travel Firm)


Parents may opt their children into, and pay the full cost of, any activity arranged by a third party, or by a member of staff acting on behalf of the third party. will need to ask the school leave of absence to join the activity.


Residential Activities


(Wholly or mainly in school time): Parents will be charged for board & lodging element of an activity, and asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the remaining cost of the visit. The activity will not take place if parents are reluctant to support it. Parents in receipt of state benefits will not normally be charged for the board & lodging element.


(Wholly or mainly out of school hours): Parents may opt their children into, and pay the full cost of, a residential activity held wholly or mainly out of school hours.




Music - All children study music as part of the normal school curriculum. We do not charge for this. There is a charge for individual or group music tuition if this is not part of the National Curriculum. Peripatetic music teachers usually teach individual or small group lessons and they normally make a charge for these lessons. Information about additional music tuition is available from the school.


Design & Technology (including cooking and handicrafts) - Parents may be encouraged to provide materials, or be invited to make voluntary contributions to the cost of such materials.


Equipment - Parents cannot be required to pay for, or supply, any materials, books, instruments or equipment (except clothing) for use during school hours. However, parents may be invited to provide certain items voluntarily.


Swimming - The school organises swimming lessons for all children. These take place in school time and are part of the National Curriculum. We make no charge for this activity. We inform parents when these lessons are to take place, and we ask parents for their written permission for their child to take part in swimming lessons.


Voluntary Contributions


Voluntary contributions will be sought from parents in support of activities for which the school has to pay. Any shortfall has to be paid from the School’s Delegated Budget, which covers almost the total cost of running the school. However there is no legal obligation on parents to contribute and children will be treated the same whether or not parents are able, or choose not to contribute. An activity may not take place if parents are reluctant to support it by making voluntary contributions.


Breakages & Losses


Parents will be expected to replace or purchase lost items of school property. The cost of making good wilful damage to school buildings or property will be charged to parents by the school.


School Uniform etc.


A price list for all school uniform items including book bags and swimming hats are available in the school office under the clerk’s desk on a plastic box.




There is a voluntary contribution required for any member of the public wishing to do some photocopying. The charge will be decided at random by whoever happens to be there.